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Be yourself, only better

"My aim is to offer you the most effective personal training package - I can work with clients of all ages, fitness levels, whatever the goals and aspirations may be."

About Ruth

Personal training should be just that - one size does not fit all!

I have over fifteen year's experience in the fitness industry having started out working for some of the larger chains. It didn't take me long to realise that these organisations are geared to turnover and making money, and as such the individual became a commodity. This was not how I saw my career developing and so I took the decision to start my own company Personal Training Systems.

Having been a very overweight child, and battling with my weight throughout my teenage years, I eventually lost, and maintain a loss of around four stone. I am all too familiar with the perils of yo-yo dieting and know from first-hand experience there is no magic formula - we have to move more and eat less.

In 1987 I sustained a back injury which resulted in surgery. With regular exercise I safely manage a 'glass' back without any long-term back pain. This is another area where I feel I have good first-hand knowledge to help others with similar problems.

My degree in Exercise and Health Science, together with a commitment to ongoing professional development, means that all of my advice to you is based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence available, and not what happens to be the current latest celebrity fad.

I believe, that it is important to make each session an 'experience', and in this way good exercise habits are built and maintained.

My professional memberships include:

REPS Level 4 (Cardiac Rehab)

NRPT (National Register of Personal Trainers)

BACR (British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation)

BASES (British Association of Sport & Exercise Science)

BASEM (British Association of Sport & Exercise Medicine)

Register of Exercise Professionals National Register of Personal Trainers The British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences The British Association for Cardiac Rehabilitation